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Justin Gordon, LMFT CCTP CCATP
Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

I specialize in treating anxiety and helping people to start feeling normal again. If you’re going crazy due to obsessive thoughts, constant worry, creating worst-case scenarios out of everything, panic, or that anxious butterfly feeling that hits your gut too easily, I can help. I also work with people who are going through difficult faith transitions or have experienced religious trauma. This has likely led to a Change in your identity, shifting beliefs, changes in your important relationships, and a lot of anxiety. This can make you feel like everything you once believed is now in question.

"Justin is an amazing counselor, he has changed my life, helped me with my extreme anxiety problems. He is so down to earth and such a good listener." 

Former Client,

Washington, UT

"Justin has helped me push through my many struggles with OCD and anxiety! He is so easy to talk to and has taught me many ways to help face my challenges!"

Former Client,

St. George, UT 

  • Anxiety Management

"I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for such a long time, and Justin has helped me get myself  back on track and feeling so much better. Thanks!!" 

Former Client,

St. George, UT 

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