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Redirect Your Life... you learn to manage your obsessive thoughts, constant worry, or other forms of anxiety. Find support in navigating your faith transition or religious trauma.

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A far-too-intimate description of my heavy yet funny yet bizarre time working in prison, compiled from Facebook posts that I made throughout that time. My time in there was definitely not what I expected…

This e-book is SHORT AND great for busy people who don't have a lot of time for anxiety management. In it I go over 27 quick, simple ways to reduce anxiety. 

After having treated many people for anxiety I have found that some things are particularly helpful even when you're short on time. In this ebook I discuss some of these methods, ranging from body-based techniques to thought-based techniques to lifestyle techniques.

It's written plainly and without a lot of therapy jargon, so it's easy to understand.

So, if you're suffering from anxiety and want some help finding ways to manage it:

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Justin Gordon, LMFT CCTP CCATP
Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

I specialize in treating anxiety and helping people to start feeling normal again. If you feel like you’re going crazy due to obsessive thoughts, constant worry, creating worst-case scenarios out of everything, panic, or that anxious butterfly feeling that hits your gut too easily, I can help. I also work with people who are going through difficult faith transitions or have experienced religious trauma. This has likely led to a change in your identity, shifting beliefs, changes in your important relationships, and a lot of anxiety. This can make you feel like everything you once believed is now in question.

I have treated all these issues, and also have personal experience with them. As a certified trauma and anxiety therapist I use talk therapy as well as mind-body techniques such as EMDR and tapping to help people gain control over their symptoms. I help people heal from them but also show them how they can help themselves to heal from them.


I know that therapy is often scary and intimidating. For this reason, not only do I encourage people to push forward but I also do so at a pace that they are comfortable with. These complicated issues require encouragement, but also support and understanding, and can’t be forced. If this works for you feel free to reach out to me to set up an appointment!

Call me or email me for a free phone consultation to see if I'm a good fit for you! Normally I respond to phone calls, texts, and emails within one hour.

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I  accept these payment methods:

  • Cash ($110-$120 per session)

  • Check

  • Credit Card (additional 3% processing fee)

    • American Express

    • Discover

    • Mastercard

    • Visa

  • FSA Card

  • HSA Card

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

Doctor's Desk

The main issues that I work with include:

  • Marital Issues

  • Individual Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Obsessive Thoughts

  • Religious Trauma


Some of the styles that I use include:

  • Trauma-Focused

  • Cognitive-Behavioral

  • Emotion-Focused

  • Humanistic

  • Psychoeducation


I accept these insurance plans:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • PEHP

  • Regence Blue Cross  Blue Shield

  • SelectHealth

  • SelectMed


"Justin has helped me push through my many struggles with OCD and anxiety! He is so easy to talk to and has taught me many ways to help face my challenges!"

Former Client,

St. George, UT 

"Justin is an amazing counselor, he has changed my life, helped me with my extreme anxiety problems. He is so down to earth and such a good listener." 

Former Client,

Washington, UT

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