My fulfillment as a therapist comes from helping individuals, couples, and families make healthy and functional decisions that will benefit their lives. My work as a therapist is an extension of myself: warm, genuine, easy, and accepting. I foster a friendly, open, honest atmosphere wherein people can feel relaxed and comfortable and can move forward at their own pace toward achieving their goals.

To this end I combine myself as a person to show understanding, concern, and support with my professional opinion, knowledge, and experience as a professional to help you make healthy changes that are important to you.  


If, in addition to traditional talk therapy, you want something more concrete and action-oriented I have had great success with biofeedback techniques, which use fun, noninvasive equipment to monitor your body processes, like emotional reactions. Clients learn to control these processes in and outside of therapy, which leads to improved ways of thinking/feeling/behaving. 


In addition to working with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence,  communication, unresolved hurts, sex addictions, substance addictions, and domestic violence, I have also applied BFB to such issues as anxiety, pain, headaches, ADHD.


Call me or email me for a free phone consultation to see if I'm a good fit for you! Normally I respond to phone calls, texts, and emails within one hour.